Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stocking Stuffers & Special Things

Several of my gifts and stuffers this year were given for the quilter in me, and I couldn't be happier.

Betty made absolutely gorgeous woolen eyeglass cases as gifts (this is what she kept running into the bedroom at the cottage to plan in secret during our craft day at the cottage a while back). Aren't they wonderful? If memory serves me correctly, that Godiva chocolate truffle bar that's tucked inside will help improve my eyesight...

I love the felted ball, and her stitching is teeny, tiny and perfect.

And Anne had a sewing treat for me too. This charming little gal is a magnetic needle nanny. She's only about 2 inches from stem to stern but the magnet is strong enough to hold scissors, needles and pins securely in place and at the ready. Guess that means no more standing up and realizing that the upper part of my pant leg has become a temporary pincushion...where's the fun in that?!

She'll need a name, of course. Any suggestions?

Santa wasn't about to be left out of the picture either. He tucked a Clover needle threader into my stocking, and none too soon either because lately those needle holes seem to be getting smaller and smaller.

And for the tree, a little something from Stephanie. Isn't she beautiful? She's a Christmas quilting angel complete with halo, sewing basket and a lovely scene of a quilting bee on the front of her skirt. Quite regal, isn't she?

She's equally beautiful from the back.

Collectively, they have all inspired me to pick up needle and thread again and I've been enjoying a return to fussy cutting and relaxing hand stitching.

I went for the biggest bag first cause I'm tired of moving it around the house/sewing room, so I'll spend some time working on Candied Hexagons. I started laying blocks out on the spare bed and playing with the layout and am thinking of changing things up a tad. All will be revealed...M

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Josie said...

You've received some gorgous and useful gifts. Lucky you. Love the project you've pulled out of the bag... look forward to watching it progress.

Happy New Year....