Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bright & Beautiful

Last time I showed you Betty's 'Mary Englebright' quilt; today I'll share mom's version with you. It's a bright and cheerful and scrappy. If you saw the comments on my last post you'll know that it really isn't a Mary Englebright pattern at all - it's just what we started calling it because of the bright colours! Selective memory or what?

Where Betty's had 4 basic block colour combinations this one is totally random with no two bocks repeated - at least not the colourways.

It is such a wonderful quilt. This will be one that you like falling asleep under. When we were young we had an applique butterfly baby quilt that we would nap under and most, if not all, of the butterflies were made of different fabrics. Part of what kept you entertained (and probably quiet!) was looking at all the butterflies to see if you could find duplicates. This one will be the same.

I remember having lots of fun pulling the fabrics for the borders. If you look closely at the dark patterned strip you'll see that it is lots of cute little veggies on a deep purple background. You can see just a hint of the blue that it has been backed in.

This is my favourite block, primarily because of the yellow border fabric.

And here's a pic of mom under the trees at Jane's cottage just after she finished putting it together. The photo is a scan so the quality is not the best but I wanted to show you mom with her handiwork. It's all sewn by hand and she spent many lovely, lazy afternoons stitching by the lake.

My sister Frances inherited this quilt top after mom passed away and she has just had it machine quilted so it will now start getting used. I have promised to bind it for her so I'd better get busy and deliver. It's been in a pile for five years now so it's time.

Jane has made the same pattern in reds, I believe, so I hope to have photos of hers to share with you soon - maybe even for the next post - and you can see yet another interpretation of the same pattern....M

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Doniene said...

So bright and cheerful!! It is lovely!!! What a wonderful memory of your mom!!