Monday, May 28, 2012

Quilt Show Eye Candy

Yesterday Betty and I went to Petawawa to browse the Pembroke Log Cabin Quilters Guild show, so lots of eye candy for you today. There are so many really creative women in this Valley and that was very evident as we walked the aisles.

Something that I think was new this year (they have a show every 2 years) was a corner that showed off the work of teens and pre-teens, which was truly inspirational. The future of quilting is in good hands by the looks of their projects. They also had a table set up where children could get a hands-on introduction to the craft and there was lots of interest by both boys and girls; unfortunately, I didn't have the where withall to snap a photo or two of them hard at work.

One of the first quilts we came across was a truly great scrappy quilt with the stars reversed out in white. If you looked closely at the fabrics it was everything from soup to nuts but it worked, big time:

This one was really lovely - the photos don't do it justice:
You can never go wrong with a nine-patch, in my books:

This one was truly spectacular. It was the backdrop for one of the vendor booths and was beautifully done - apparently it took 2 years to make. Had this been me, it would still be in my work basket...

And speaking of spectacular, this one was SO gorgeous - all of my favourite colours. It turns out to be made by a long time friend of mom's, Jill Schooley. It is a smaller quilt, about 4' x 3' and looked stunning on the wall; it is machine quilted.

More tomorrow....M

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Doniene said...

Amazing eye candy!!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I love nine patches and the subtle color change in the blues gives it great dimension!!!
Have a great day!!