Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Just When You Think That You Know What You're Doing

I've been mulling around the next steps for my Spring Garden quilt to figure out how to finish it off and doing lots and lots of doodling to help me visualize potential options. I want to keep it light and airy and fun, especially since the backing is going to be such a light and fun print, so I've landed on doing pinwheels. It just seemed like the right block to compliment the three that I've got in the quilt so far.

So, I'll sew a narrow border in green, probably less than an inch wide, around what I've got so far, a wider white band, and then incorporate blue and white pinwheels in the prints that I showed you earlier, along with a few more to continue the scrappy theme. Then there will be another white band and I'll bind it with green again. Or so I thought.

I made up a few pinwheels to see how they translated from the sketch to the quilt itself and then started second guessing myself. Maybe instead of each pinwheel being the same colour I should toss it up a bit more and make each blade of the pinwheel a different colour so that the border is blue & white but less rigid?

This is what they'll look like against the quilt...and they will sit approximately this distance from the existing blocks, maybe a little further. What's not included here is the narrow green border that will go next to the centre blocks.

Or what about putting the blocks on point to reflect the blocks in the middle of the quilt? I quite like the look of it because you get more of a sense of the pinwheels spinning, but it will mean more work adding the set-in corners than just sewing a band of blocks square to the edge.

So, I'm further ahead but still have some thinking to do. Your thoughts?...M


Anonymous said...

I like the pinwheel on the point. You are right, it does give the quilt more of a sense of movement this way.


Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion the pinwheels would look better if each blade is a different blue. I like the contrast of the pinwheels being placed straight rather than on an angle. But then, what do I know?!
Keep up the good work Marie.
from Jane

Doniene said...

I have just found your blog! I noticed your profile picture when you commented on a blog, and I love blue and white quilts - okay - I love all quilts, but the blue and white one caught my eye. So came over for a visit!! Your Spring Garden quilt is lovely! I love blocks on point, and the blue looks good as is, but would look good with different colored blades. The green border will draw it together. I still need to peruse through your block, but I really like your work! Have a good day!

Kathie said...

I also use graph paper when making a quilt! I had to smile when I saw your drawing.
it looks wonderful and I vote for on point!
since there are so many pinwheels I think its fin to make each one with the same fabric just mho.
keep us posted!