Saturday, January 21, 2012

Workin' It!

There's a lovely pile of works-in-progress (WIP) that continues to build on a chair in my sewing room that I'm intent on dealing with this year - you'll recognize it from my Profile photo - and happily now one more is moved along.

Single Irish Chain

This Single Irish Chain has been in the works for a bit and has been set to quilt since the summer but I have been waiting for the quilters to be ready for it. Since mom passed away a few years ago I've been on the hunt for someplace to get my tops quilted, not  realizing until some time last winter that there is a group of ladies at our church who quilt as a fundraiser. Bingo! Needless to say, I got myself onto their waiting list as soon as I could and now they seem to be raring to go.

Single Irish Chain
So last weekend I bundled everything that they need, including the batting and the thread, and left it in their trusty hands. Once they have the schedule worked out I'd like to sit in and help them quilt it, but I am so painfully slow at quilting that if it is to be finished in this lifetime it needs to be done by someone else. Besides, I already have a quilt on the frame that I have spent a lot of time ignoring. More about both of these later.

By the way, the photo of the WIP chair shows only a fraction of the projects to be finished - I've added to it since that shot was taken - but if I can work my way through it this year I'd be one happy camper. That's my goal, because I keep seeing new projects that I want to start and need to get some of these finished off before I go too far down that path. With two off the list I'm feeling pretty good about my chances...M

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Brandie said...

My chair is a basket, well two baskets now. It'll be another lovely quilt.